Asus Xonar DSX PCI-E 7.1 Sound Card DTS,3D Gamin

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 Dolby Home Theater Technologies & Richest Gaming Audio Effects for best PC audio upgrade

- Powered by complete Dolby Home Theater technologies

- Supports latest DS3D GX 2.0 for gaming on Vista & XP

- VocalFX voice processing technologies to make gaming and online chat more lively and attractive

- Delivers ~35 times cleaner audio quality (116dB SNR) than most motherboard audio (85dB SNR)

Complete Dolby Home Theater technologies

Inheriting from D2 and D2X, Xonar DX also provides complete valuable Dolby Home Theater technologies for games and all home entertainments:

Dolby Digital Live:

Real-time 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound encoders

Dolby Pro-Logic IIx:

Converts stereo or 5.1 sounds to seamless 7.1 surround soundfield

Dolby Headphone:

Delivers a realistic and spacious 2-to-5.1 surround or 3D positional soundfield over any set of stereo headphones

Dolby Virtual Speaker:

Simulates a highly realistic 5.1-speaker surround sound listening environment from as few as two speakers.